Join The Web-Team !

Internet surveys become more and more important and statistically secure! An increasing number of customers like to know the opinion of internet panelists! So we need respondents that take part in online-surveys regularly.

Each participation is rewarded with incentives or cash.  

Online-surveys via internet mean that a questionnaire is deposited on our web-site. With PIN & Password from our database participants get a confirmation, so that your data are stored directly and riskless in our database.

Fees are variable rewards depending on the main focus of each survey.
On average it is € 0,15 up to € 0,50  per question
Time needed is up to max. 20 minutes.
Your 'incentive' will be credited to your personal account. Reaching the amount of € 15.- it will be transferred automatically.
When leaving our online-panel only rewards higher than  5,- are credited.
Amounts lower than € 5,- lapse.
For the future we are looking forward to carry out surveys in Great Britain.