market research in and with the World Wide Web

in brief:
The internet proves its increasing status as an independent medium creating a good image and procuring information.
Prorata P&S and the customer use the possibility to collect answers on questions concerning market research via internet
and to check products of the internet itself.

Identification of market opportunities for new products, decision-making aids with concept and product development, check of E-Commerce-Tools and Web Entrance in and
with the World Wide Web, consumer survey, innovative products and market research.  
ad hoc - market research and online-panel research,
websites, eMail, own online-tool, source codes, websites, links, products, packaging, labels, names, logos, claims, concepts, B2B, international research and coordination, quality check, customer relationship.
live-statistics – online (independent from time and answer)
-> REAL TIME standard analysis, graphics, statements and