in general:

carrying out different studies with target groups and spot checks by chance. Determination of:

  - Acceptance of web-sites
  - Tests on layouts, text- and packaging presentation
  - Collection of ideas toward new products
  - Customer Relationship Services

We use two different methods:

1) online panel

A pool of participants taking part in multiple online-surveys.

selection of respondents according to customers quotation, nationwide distribution, fast returning, optimum costs, optimum delivery date, Live-statistics


'panel effect'  ( representativity )

2) Questioning of non-panelists via internet

a questionnaire is put down on (customer's) website, where non-panelists are allowed to click to a link.

pro's: non-panelists, Live-statisics

con's: returning possibly not enclosable, quotation impossible

Both methods are similar or identical:

respondents fill out a special questionnaire via internet. The online-panelists are invited by eMail, non-panelists are motivated to take part by a link on the corresponding site.

After answering all questions the questionnaire is sent back to prorata by mouse-click.

Internal control of participants.

Fees or incentives (or competitions) are arranged.

Prorata has developed an own dynamical software, so customers are able to get a live observation of returns and development of results (Live-statistics).
In this case the customer gets an own authorization-ID

3) Innovative method

Transmitting classical methods of market research into the internet,

    e.g. group discussions in chatrooms:

Participants are invited by eMail, to meet in internet at a fixed time and to discuss a theme. Customer or Prorata are allowed to appoint a presenter. All comments are stored and can be edited.